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Hi there!

This is a personal blog which is generally filled with various fandoms that can be found on the tags list! I'm slooowly fixing things up here since I need to appropriately tag some things so sorry for it being unorganized!

leafbending ➤ ninitea

Get To Know Me // [2/5] Protagnists
∟ Minako Arisato (Persona 3 Portable)

I ended up serving an incredibly disagreeable boy.


The Language of Flowers: An Alphabet of Floral Emblems (1857). Found in the Internet Archive by AnitaNH


52 faces of ken kaneki.
Because you have the soul of a killer.


"Woman?” She chuckled. “Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man."

#snap your fingers in a dragon formation


"I can’t believe your sweet-tempered father was reincarnated into that girl. She’s tough as nails.